Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine

Advanced Gas Turbine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Designed to provide a theoretical understanding varying design and construction principles and techniques. Candidates will also learn how these affect operating parameters across differing types of Gas Turbine Engines and how this theory can be applied through practical solving.

Gas Turbines Operations

Designed with engineers, supervisors, operations and maintenance personnel in mind, the aim of this course is to educate delegates on how to safely operate GE designed heavy duty turbine units, analyse operating problems and take the necessary corrective action.

Speedtronic Mark V HMI Operations

This course covers major topics in the fundamentals of the Gas Turbine Mark V Control System and related systems, documentation and the operator’s control interface.

Gas Turbine Driven Centrifugal Compressors

This site specific course is designed to enable engineers, supervisors, operations, and maintenance personnel to safely operate GE designed heavy duty gas turbine units. It develops a background in gas turbine operation that will enable participants to properly analyse operating problems and take the necessary corrective action.

Introduction To Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

Designed specifically for power plant personnel unfamiliar with GE Heavy Duty Gas Turbines, this course covers Gas Turbine construction, auxiliary systems and maintenance overviews.

Speedtronic Mark II Maintenance

Intended to enable engineers and competent technicians to confidently identify problems in Gas Turbine Speedtronic Mark II control systems and provide a solid background in turbine governing system circuitry.

Speedtronic Mark IV Maintenance

Designed to introduce operations and maintenance personnel to the routine preventative maintenance procedures of the turbine support systems required to attain high levels of availability and reliability from the gas turbine.

Speedtronic Mark VI Operations

To enable operators and supervisors to confidently run and monitor the gas turbine using the Speedtronic Mark VI Control System.

Speedtronic Mark V Maintenance

This ten-day course offers a curriculum that emphasises a practical approach to learning the process of monitoring, maintaining and improving the availability of the Mark V Control System.

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