CompEx Ex14 Site Responsible Persons

£ 1640 + VAT

CompEx Ex14 Site Responsible Persons

£ 1640 + VAT

Course Content


To ensure that ‘Responsible Persons’ and ‘Technical Persons with Executive Function’ as defined in IEC 60079-14 and/or 60079-17 have knowledge, skills and competencies to enable them to meet the requirements of these IEC standards and relevant directives.

The intention is to assess the level of competency of the individual, with regards to these standards and directives to enable them to manage skilled personnel and competent operatives / technicians conducting selecting, erection, inspection and maintenance duties so as to ensure that plant and equipment remains fit for continued use in an explosive atmosphere.

The content to be covered and the assessment methodology include both theory and practical applications for the various aspects of the role.

On completion of the assessments the documentation is sent to the Awarding Body for marking and if successful, the candidates shall be issued with a certificate of core competence by JTL and EEMUA.


Candidates for the course should uphold positions of a ‘Responsible Person’ and/or ‘Technical Persons with Executive Function.’

Course Duration

The course is 4 days in duration.

Optimum Number

A maximum of 10 candidates per course.

Course Language

The course is delivered in English. Therefore, candidates must have good standards of both written and verbal English.

Courses can be delivered in other languages however, this would need to be discussed prior to acceptance on the course. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to make Roxby aware of this requirement.

Training Aids

A Roxby presentation using course hand-outs. This is followed by theory and practical assessments.

Course Objectives

  • Legislation and Standards
  • Explosive Atmospheres (Gases / Vapours and Combustible Dusts)
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Ignition Sources
  • Equipment Concepts
  • Competency
  • Design, Selection and Installation (IEC 60079-14)
  • Equipment Repair and Reclamation (IEC 60079-19)
  • Inspection and Maintenance (IEC 60079-17)

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