Advanced Gas Turbine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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Advanced Gas Turbine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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Course Content

GTE5AI (Applied Industrial) – Introduction to the Gas Turbine Engine and its Associated Systems (5 days)


This ‘Introduction to the Gas Turbine Engine and its Associated Systems’ 5 day program (GTE5) has been designed to address the knowledge component, problem solving ability and practical competence of individuals who have sound experience of Gas Turbine technology and equipment. The content does assume that the prospective recipient has attained an acceptable level of qualification and subsequent appropriate competency.


The program is pitched at a level 3/4 format. That is, the average level of understanding and skill should be conducive with several years’ experience as a qualified Technician (level 3) or that of a newly qualified or less experienced Engineer or Graduate (level 4).

Additionally, other Engineers, Managers/Executives and Support Staff could benefit from this program as a means of an informative introduction and complementary overview to Gas Turbine Technology.


To appreciate how theoretical principles are met through varying design and construction techniques and how these affect operating parameters across differing types of Gas Turbine Engine and how this theory can be applied through practical problem solving to overcome common problems encountered with this type of equipment.

  • To investigate aerodynamic and mechanical design features.
  • To investigate major Gas Turbine Engine systems.
  • To undertake fault finding and problem solving of major Gas Turbine Engine systems.
  • To apply knowledge to undertake monitoring, inspection and maintenance methods.
  • To investigate Gas Turbine Engine performance characteristics.

Course Objectives

In terms of gas turbine engine knowledge, maintenance and management – at the conclusion of this 5 day program, candidates should be able to:

  • Explain the mechanical and aerodynamic processes of a Gas Turbine Engine with regard to airflow and gas flow passing through an engine. In particular, the relationship between intake, compressor, combustor and exhaust.
  • Understand and fully describe major engine systems such as: Fuel; lubrication; airflow control; seals and bearings; cooling air; starting; monitoring and control.
  • Conduct problem solving simulations and perform monitoring, inspection and maintenance tasks.
  • Explain engine performance characteristics and be able to fault diagnose performance anomalies.


Successful completion of a GTE 3 day program or extensive post-qualification first- hand experience in a gas turbine engine maintenance or operating environment.

Course Duration

This course is of 5 days in duration.

Optimum Numbers

A maximum of 6 candidates is recommended.

Training Aids

A PowerPoint Presentation, course notes, hand-outs, portable visual aids, electronic images, problem solving exercises and all assessment material supplied.


Assessment is conducted using a number of different methods. All methods are designed to be non-threatening and accurately measure understanding which in turn assists with knowledge retention. These methods are commonly used:

  1. As an integrative and non-obtrusive part of the learning process.
  2. In periodical assessment trigger points.
  3. As systematic reinforcement following topic conclusion.
  4. As a summative review of understanding and to consolidate value added knowledge.

A full report detailing an analytical performance profile is produced for each candidate.

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