Functional Safety Course

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Functional Safety Course

£ + VAT

Course Content


The course is aimed at those who have responsibilities within the scope of IEC 61508 & IEC 61511.

In particular;

  • Systems integrators of Safety Instrumented Systems (being designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61511)
  • Control and instrumentation engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers who have responsibility for HAZOPs and SIL determination exercises, specification, design, operation and maintenance of plants employing Safety Instrumented Systems
  • End users’ with responsibility for the operation and maintenance phase of the safety lifecycle who wish to have a better understanding of the design and systems integration process so they are able to make informed decisions that have an impact to the operation of the facilities (e.g. implications on future maintainability of the safety instrumented systems)

Course Duration

The course is 3 days in duration.

Optimum Number

A maximum of 10 candidates per course.

Course Language

The course is delivered in English. Therefore candidates must have a good standard of both written and verbal English.

Courses can be delivered in other languages however, this would need to be discussed prior to acceptance on the course. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to make Roxby aware of this requirement.

Training Aids

A PowerPoint Presentation, using course notes and discussion.


Upon successfully completing, candidates are awarded with a Roxby Training Limited Certificate.

Course Objectives

  • Management of functional safety and specifying competence and competence assessment;-  Functional safety and the role of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 in achieving functional safety
  • The concept of risk reduction, risk reduction parameters and the concept of a target and a tolerable risk
  • The concept of a safety instrumented function with respect to its functionality
  • The concept of a safety instrumented function with respect to its safety integrity
  • The role of a Safety instrument System, other engineered measures and risk parameters in achieving a tolerable risk
  • Safety Integrity and Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
  • SIL determination concepts and methods
  • Modes of operation and associated Target Failures Measures
  • Hardware Safety Integrity, Systematic Safety Integrity & Systematic Capability
  • Hardware Fault Tolerance and Safe Failure Fraction
  • Procurement of element/devices in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Functional Safety Assessment and Certification
  • Design essentials for IEC 61508
  • Design essentials for IEC 61511
  • Functional Safety Assessment for IEC 61508
  • Functional Safety Assessment for IEC 61511

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